The Benefits of EB5 Program

Anybody who is eligible for the EB5 program can apply anytime. The Congress created this program to help those people who are believed to be of benefit to the American economy. It is therefore a good program that can help people living outside America to succeed. There are tens of thousands slots available every year and the application process is quite easy. All you need to do is to find out about the qualification properties. Form there if you are eligible for the program you can go ahead and apply. After the application process you will receive a temporary green card that you can renew and prolong it to make it permanent. There are also very many benefits associated with the EB5 programs and some are discussed in this article.

There are several advantages of having a green card and one of them is that when you get one then your immediate family members also get one. This simply means that you will have a better chance of travelling to the United States together and therefore you will be able to strengthen the family bond. Any children bellow the age of twenty one and your spouse will have a chance to befit for your green card. It should also be noted that you get a chance to choose which state you want to work in and also retire. The freedom comes with having a green card and therefore you can choose anywhere that you feel is most suitable. The other benefit of having a green card is that you have a chance of applying for the full US citizenship after five years. This will give you a chance of becoming a US citizen easily. Get more details of these benefits from EB5 Houston program.

It is important to note that when you have a green card you will be able to fly in and out of the United States easily. You will not be bothered about a lot of documentation because having a green card proves that you are eligible for staying in America. It should also be noted that when you have a green card you are able to enjoy the benefits like any other American this means that there would not be any restrictions and even if you want to start your own business then it is quite possible, you will even getting funding from reliable financial institutions which you can pay back in ample time without having any difficulties after you have already established your business.

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