Amazing Benefits of Real Estate Investment for Foreign Immigrants

if you choose to invest in real estate in a foreign country, there are certain benefits that you stand to gain. Some of the benefits that you stand to gain when you decide to acquire permanent resident status in the U.S are as follows. You will gain a green card for both you and your family members. Once you have invested in a foreign land and fulfilled every other EB-5 requirement, you will be eligible to apply for a green card. Also, if you have a spouse and children below the age of 21, all of you will be eligible to get the green card.

Another thing that is important for all those who are investing in a foreign country is that they will access affordable education for their children. When you are a holder of green card in the U.S, your children will get an opportunity to receive a quality education in the country. When you are a lawful permanent resistant, you enjoy the benefit of having your children access US federal and state government financial aid, grants, and loans. That gives them an opportunity to study in any of the US institutions in a more affordable way.

Also, you can gain US citizenship through your investment. If you are one of the people who desire US citizenship, investing in real estate and gaining green card is a great way to begin your EB5 process. After you gain your green card, the next thing is to apply for permanent residence. You will b able to obtain citizenship in a more easier way than using the other methods. If you were to follow any other process to become a US citizen, the process will take longer, and there is no guarantee that you will succeed.

Apart from gaining by achieving your dream of becoming a permanent resident in the US, you will also gain a lot in the returns as long as you are a green cardholder. The best thing that makes obtaining a green card through real estate investment is the kind of return you get for your investment. Check out more about the green card timeline 2019. If you choose to invest in EB-5 real estate regional centres, you have a great opportunity of increasing your net worth. This is possible through the annual payments done on the government that you receive as a partial owner. You should look for an investment property that is likely to appreciate in value. That will mostly depend on the location that you choose.

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